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Ph.D. Qualified Editor and Reviewer

January 2019

"All I can say is thank goodness I found Dr. Kenny. I was a mature student when I started university online and had no idea what citations were or what APA and MLA essay styles were and was ready to quit, but Dr. Kenny turned it around. Dr. Kenny’s excellent and professional services helped me get over the hump and my marks improved immediately. I have utilized Dr. Kenny’s skills and knowledge for other projects, such as resume and cover letter revamp; website & video review; book editing; and help and suggestions with my learning portfolio. I have tried other editing services, but they cannot compare to Dr. Kenny. When you are lost, Dr. Kenny can point you in the right direction." Elizabeth, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

December 2018

"Thank you very much for everything, it has been extremely thorough and very helpful. I will be sure to keep your email and will certainly reach out to you again during the data analysis phase of my program now I have been accepted." Sven, University of Calgary.

November 2018

"Thank you, Carly. You are helping me to write well. Your work is amazing!" Thomas, University Lethbridge.

October 2018

"Thank you for helping me with my thesis. It is now very well written, thank you. This was my last chance to submit my thesis and now, with your help, it has been accepted! Wonderful, thanks, that’s exactly what I wanted!" Rachel, Mount Royal University, Calgary.

September 2018

"I had given my book to some other editors, but I still believed there were still some errors which needed to be dealt with. You proved me right and did exactly what I needed you to do. I'm truly grateful for the work you did for me. Your work was so thorough - over 900 corrections in just one of my chapters! Outstanding! Thank you for helping me improve on it so much." Oliver, Calgary.

August 2018

"Wow, thank you Carly! I truly appreciate it!!! Thank you so much for reading my essays so soon, and only two days before Christmas day! You have enabled me to submit my application in good time! I truly appreciate your kindness. Without your help, I couldn't have made it in time! Thank you so much for your great work again, as usual!" Georgina, University of Cambridge, England.

July 2018

"Carly did a very good job on my paper the text flows nicely. Most importantly, she returned the paper way ahead of time, so I was able to work with the reset of the team with my finished piece of work. Many thanks yet again. See you next time." Elliott, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

June 2018

"I got the feedback from my professor, she appreciated the work done and, overall, I did very well in the paper you helped me with compared to my last paper. Thanks for your service and advice. I appreciate your support deeply." Fiona, University of Athabasca.

May 2018

"I heard from a friend of mine about Dr. Kenny, and I'm very pleased I did. Thank you so much for helping me. I am glad that I didn't submit my paper as it was before she worked on it. The improvement is huge!" Nigel, University of Calgary.

April 2018

"I have made use of Dr. Carly's services for all my papers for almost two years now, and each time I am overjoyed with the results. Before I found her, my work was scraping through at 70% and now I am receiving a norm of 95% and higher! I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone." Tania, University of Cambridge, England.

March 2018

"I've used Carly for editing the business reports produced by my company for a few months. Now, I wouldn't let a document out of the door without her looking at it. I thought our reports were good before, but with Carly's help, they have changed the face of my business for the better." Peter, Serious About Science, Calgary.

February 2018

“I hadn’t written an essay since high school and needed someone to proofread and edit my work and help me with in-text citations APA style. Carly provided an excellent and prompt service and it was much appreciated.” Karen, University of Lethbridge.

January 2018

“Carly did a very good job on my paper, it flowed very nicely. Most importantly, she returned it way ahead of time. I will definitely use her again. Many thanks.” Nicole, University of Calgary.

December 2017

“Dr. Carly’s assistance with my essays and research papers throughout this year has been excellent and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!” Claire, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

November 2017

“Your advice has been indispensable for my paper. I will definitely be in touch for my next paper.” Linda, University of Lethbridge.

October 2017
“I am very satisfied with the final product you helped me with. Thanks again for your suggestions. Much appreciated.” Adrian, Mount Royal University, Calgary.

September 2017

“Thank you for all the help you have given me throughout my course. I will be back with more business writing assignments soon. I look forward to working with you again!” Jamie, University of Aberdeen, Scotland.

August 2017

“You do good work Dr. Carly, and you are good at what you do. Thank you!” Laurent, University of Calgary.


July 2017
"I have used Dr. Kenny for all my papers since starting my doctorate three years ago and I have never been disappointed with the work she has done for me. She always provides me with clear and detailed comments to help me improve my writing, and, after looking through them, I feel comfortable accepting all her suggested amendments without concern. Thank you, as always!" Kevin, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

June 2017
"I have used Carly's editing services not only to get a readable text, but also to guide me in how to organize my ideas. I like her unique way of editing the text by guiding you with questions and comments that allow you to have a very robust and scientifically way to express your point in the text. It has been a nurturing experience and a delightful starting point in my career as a scientific writer in my graduate studies. I am extremely grateful with Carly for helping, guiding and giving me the confidence to trust in my ideas and seeing them in text where other researchers can read them and enjoyed them." Monica, University of Calgary.

May 2017
"Dr. Kenny was a midnight find. With an impending paper due, my usual editor was M.I.A. A quick look on Kijiji, and there she was. It wasn't but a couple minutes later Dr. Kenny emailed me back and accepted my challenge. She not only edited my paper but gave me great feed back on areas to elaborate and improve. My papers are usual lengthy and in no time at all, she has them done, and returned with changes made. She charges a fair price for the work she does. I will continue to use Dr. Kenny and her services throughout my education and into my career within the medical community." Kieran, Portage College, Lac La Biche.

April 2017
“Carly proofread and cleaned up my thesis before I submitted it. She did a great job!” Michael, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

March 2017

“You are so professional and your ability to improve my style just blows my mind. I am so happy that I've found you!" Justin, Calgary.

February 2017

“Excellent. Final changes look great, thank you." Keith, Portage College, Lac La Biche.

January 2017

“It is not easy to find a truly professional editor like Dr. Kenny; her work always meets my expectations and requirements. I am absolutely satisfied with her editing skills that never fail to catch even the subtle details between the lines and bring them into focus”.Tamara, Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo, Japan.

December 2016

“I have greatly appreciated Carly's help along the way. I don't have a lot of people around me who know anything about editing, so I just want to say thank you for making my document become better and better over time! I'm really happy about the results from this process." Sara, University of Calgary.

November 2016

“I was struggling to finalize my thesis for my University course. English is not my first language and I'm not very good at academic writing. I enlisted the help of Dr. Kenny and after she had edited my work, my thesis looked much stronger academically and the English was much improved. I really appreciated working with her on this. Thank you!" Chen, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

October 2016

"I was highly impressed by Dr. Kenny's professional demeanour. I will make sure to recommend her services to my friends and colleagues and hope to have the opportunity to utilize them myself again in the future." Felix, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

September 2016

"I like your style and appreciate your help very much! I want you to know that I am not asking you to edit my assignments just for better marks; I want to improve my writing skills and be a better writer. You are helping me become a better writer." Jason, University of Athabasca.

August 2016

"Like many people in Alberta, I lost my job after many years with my company. I had a resume that I had not updated for 15 years. I tried to update my old resume personally, however, received little response to my job applications. Carly explained that a 15-year-old resume style no longer met the modern requirements. She spent many hours consulting with me and revamping my resume. Her final product is outstanding. Since I began using Carly's resume creation, I have had many responses and opportunities. I highly recommend Carly if you need to promote your resume!" Neil, Calgary.

July 2016

"When I needed help with my essays and found Dr. Kenny advertising, I was a little hesitant at first. However, when I contacted her, I met a very caring individual who lived up to her words and my expectations. Dr. Kenny does what she says she will do." Jennifer, University of Calgary.

June 2016

"Carly went through my resume in such depth and I really liked the feedback. Thank you so much!" Calvin, Edmonton.

May 2016

“Dr. Kenny picked through my work and edited it for any mistakes. I provided her with the readings used for the thesis paper and the requirements of my course and she simply made sure my paper made sense. I’m so pleased to have found her!” Siobhan, University of Calgary.

April 2016

"I needed help with grammar, organizing the structure and the flow of my material, and to know if my writing was detailed and clear enough. Dr. Kenny put me on the right path from beginning to end and was very encouraging and supportive along the way. I am very pleased with the end result, as are my supervisors. Thank you!" Leigh, University of Alberta, Edmonton.

March 2016

“I went to Dr. Carly for help with my CV. She helped me with restructuring it as well as spelling mistakes, inconsistencies in formatting, and grammatical errors. I am very pleased with the results.” Dean, Red Deer.

February 2016

"My university is extremely particular, and I was struggling to get my paper just right. After applying Carly's recommended changes and following her advice, the paper now sounds amazing! Thank you so much for your help!" Gregory, Oxford University, England.

January 2016

"I had an opportunity to work with Dr. Carly Kenny while working on my final paper for Oxford University. They suggested we have someone edit our paper to give us a different lens. She was candid, professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and the guidance she provided will serve me well for years to come. I highly recommend her 'lens' and I'm certain this will be a life-long business relationship." Jim Fox, Former Vice President of Canadian Operations - National Oilwell Varco, Calgary.

December 2015

"I really enjoyed having Carly edit my paper. I had a 6,000-word paper due and, within a few days, Carly was able to edit my paper in depth, and she also provided great comments that I incorporated into my paper. I have used other online proofreaders and found the experience with Carly to be the best. I will be using her more as I undertake my new program." Robert, University of Lethbridge.

November 2015
"I appreciated Carly's work very much. I was in a jam and required an expert eye that would be both efficient and capable of generating a professional product. Most of all I needed assistance with a project I was working on, regarding the direction I wished for it to go in. Carly did all I needed on, essentially, my schedule, at the likely compromise of hers, and what seemed like a really busy work load." Samuel, University of Calgary.

October 2015

"Thanks a million, I really appreciate everything. My paper looks a lot smoother now." Ahmad, University of Athabasca.

September 2015
"The comments and feedback you provided were fantastic; they will be a great help. Thanks!" Alyson, Mount Royal University, Calgary.

August 2015
"Thanks for fixing my work and pointing me in right direction." 
Rebekka, University of London, England.

July 2015

"I am truly happy: I just got back my previous assignment and the grade was very good. Thank you so much for your help!" Lisa, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

June 2015
"I wanted be the best in my class. Thanks for helping me get there. I really appreciate it." Melissa, Sait Polytechnic, Calgary.