Cape Education Services

Ph.D. Qualified Editor and Reviewer

What do you charge?

My business clients understand the value of well-written documents; these present the professional front of their organisation. For businesses I charge $105.50 per hour (plus 5% tax).

As an educator, I recognise the importance of education. I am, therefore, committed to making my services accessible to students and private individuals. For this reason, I offer a discounted rate for persons within these categories, of $49.50 per hour (plus 5% tax).

How is payment arranged?

I accept PayPal and INTERAC e-Transfer payments (within Canada).

For international clients, I accept PayPal.

How long does the editing process take?

The time taken for each job varies: this depends on the length of the document and the amount of work required.

I can provide an estimate for the job upon receipt of your document.

Can you write the document for me?

I do offer a ghostwriting service for company reports and authors of fiction and non-fiction - please refer to my Ghostwriting web page.

With regard to students, I am more than happy to help you with your document, but I cannot write it for you: doing this would be unethical.

What software package do you use to edit a document?

I use MS Word, as this allows me to suggest amendments, through track changes, and insert comments, to highlight areas that require attention.

What does the review process involve?

(1) Spelling and grammar

Such features are just as important in a document as the data/information presented. To appreciate the significance of the work, the reader must understand it. Within this category, on the sentence scale, I look for the following issues:
• Correct spelling;
• Punctuation;
• Syntax (sentence structure); and
• Appropriate and effective semantics (meaning and context of language used).

(2) Structure and relevance of language components

This component addresses the overall appearance of a document ensuring that it is concise and presented in a logical manner. Here I check for the following factors:
• The use of jargon, colloquialisms, contractions, ambiguity and dogma;
• The consistent in use of active/passive voice and of past/present tense;
• Unnecessary duplication, explanation or irrelevant material;
• Clear cross-referencing throughout the document, to guide the reader to other relevant sections or pages;
• Correct labelling of tables, graphics and illustrations; and
• Correct citation of reference materials used.

(3) Quality and rigour of data/information presented

This is an overall evaluation of the data/information presented in the report based on scientific and technical merit. Here I ask the following questions:
• Is the report focused and informative?
• Are the tables, graphics and illustrations used appropriate and has the variance of the data been shown?
• Are all analyses relevant and presented in context?
• Are the conclusions in the report drawn from the data presented?
• Are the conclusions supported by the work of others?
• Does the report address all the requirements of the brief?